Frequently Asked Questions – H+P programmer

Frequently Asked Questions – WIFI APP

What are the advantages of H+P programmer?

H+P programer allows to manage electric heating system, composed of max.8 heating zones (Z1, Z2 etc.) and max.24 radiators installed in rooms. The system permits to group them and programm ambient temperatures in different modes, which you can adjust individually.

H+P programmer features:

  • wireless radio communication – the programmer controls heaters in whole house
  • controls up to 8 heating zones
  • advanced ambient/water temperature control
  • programming daily and weekly – every day in a different way, as you require
  • turbo-boost mode (easy heating and drying) – full heating in all zones for 1, 2 or 3 hours
  • ECO mode (energy saving) – you can lower temperature in whole house by 3 degrees

Which heaters I can control by H+P programmer?

H+P programmer is designed to opearate with Home+ system electric heaters:

  • H+ heater for bathroom radiators
  • H+h heater for column, aluminium and cast iron radiators

How does the programmer work?

Please check the H+P manual HERE (pdf file)

How to charge the H+P programmer properly?

You can charge the H+P programmer by a USB cable included. Just connect it to USB socket in any mobile charger or your computer USB socket.

First connect the charger to an electric socket. Then connect microUSB plug to the H+P programmer. The plug icon will be shown on the programmer display. After charging, first, please wake up the display on the programmer by pushing ‚enter’ icon. When the display is on, you can detach a microUSB cabel from the controller.

See video:

Troubleshooting - what if the programmer’s display stays dark?

When you cannot wake up the programmer (the display stays dark) you need to make a reset by connecting the programmer to the mains. Connect the charger to an electric socket and then connect microUSB cable to the programmer.

Then press the ‚enter’ button to wake up the display. When the display is on you can disconnect the cable from the programmer.

See video:

Where the H+P programmer should be installed?

The programmer should be placed possible in a central location in a house to maintain the best comunication possible with H+ and H+h heaters.

What if the programmer signals communication problems with heaters?

If any of heaters signals communication problems with the programmer try to change a location of the programmer. It should be place in a central location in a house to have the shortest possible distance to all Home+ heaters. The signal strenght is indicated by a green icon. The best communication is when the icon looks like this: signalok2

How to unpair heater(s) from H+P programmer

See video manual: