Frequently Asked Questions – H+h heater

Where can I find an instruction manual for H+h heater?

Manual for H+h heater is available HERE (pdf file)

Can I install a H+h heater in vertical position?

Yes, you can install H+h heater in vertical position, but for this purpose we recommend H+ model.

How can I choose the right output of a heater?

Please check THE INSTALLATION tab at H+h heater page.

Can I install a H+h heater from left side of my radiator?

Yes, you can install H+h left or right side of a radiator, due to a rotatable casing.

What is a temperature regulation range?

You can set a water temperature between 20 and 65 degrees. If you have a H+R remote controller paired you can switch to an ambient temperature regulation. Then you can set a temperature between 10 till 30 degrees

What is a Turbo-boost function?

A Turbo-boost function is designed for quick drying and heating). By using this you can set a maximum water temperature (65 degrees) for 1, 2 or 3 hours. It doesn’t matter if you control water or ambient temperature.

I bought a H+h heater without a remote controller. Can I buy it as a separate part?

Yes, it’s possible to buy and pair a remote controller. Please ask your sale point, or you can contact directly us (see Contacts)