Frequently Asked Questions – H+ heater

Where do you find installation manuals for H+ heater?

The manual you can download HERE 

You can also CHECK a video instruction manual

Can I install a H+ heater in horizontal position?

Yes, you can install H+ heater in horizontal position, but for this purpose we recommend H+h model.

Can I install a H+ heater above a sink/bath?

Due to safety reasons you can install an electric heater at a minimum distance of 60cm from a sink/bath. You cannot install any heater above a sink or bath.

How can I choose the right output of a heater?

Please check THE INSTALLATION tab at H+heater page.

What types of covers you offer for H+ heater?

For a start, we offer covers for O-shape and D-shape collectors.

What is a temperature regulation range?

You can set a water temperature between 20 and 65 degrees. If you have a H+R remote controller paired you can switch to an ambient temperature regulation. Then you can set a temperature between 10 till 30 degrees

What is a Turbo-boost function?

A Turbo-boost function is designed for quick drying and heating). By using this you can set a maximum water temperature (65 degrees) for 1, 2 or 3 hours. It doesn’t matter if you control water or ambient temperature.

I bought a H+ heater without a remote controller. Can I buy it as a separate part?

Yes, it’s possible to buy and pair a remote controller. Please ask your sale point, or you can contact directly us (see Contacts)

How should a hard wire connection be made?

H+ heater may be hard wired to the electrical system in compliance with UK electrical regulations.

Wire colours: Brown=Live; Blue=Neutral; Green and Yellow=Earth

For the heater permanently connected (hard wire) there must be applied a cut-off device from the mains. Such a device must disconnect the heater from the supply mains in 2 poles, with contact separation of at least 3 mm.

I cannot turn a heater on using an upper button. What could happen?

First, please check if on/off switch is put in ‚on’ position. The switch you’ll find at the bottom of back casing (see drawing below). Please note that this switch is present only in hard wire version (straight cable without a plug).